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Charles Ruthford
Owner and Managing Director
Intensional Connection, LLC

Mr. Ruthford brings 9 years as an ethics and compliance officer to Intensional Connection.  He is nationally recognized in the ethics profession as a leader in measuring organizational culture, ethics education and ethics program development.
He also has  8 years of senior management and leadership development experience at a corporate university where he was responsible for the business, finance and strategy curriculum.

Mr. Ruthford's additional 19 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, information technology, sales and marketing gives him a firm grasp on how survey and measurement data, ethics and integrity programs and educational programs will work within organizations.


During his tenure as an ethics and compliance officer he chaired the Defense Industry Initiative on Business Conduct and Ethics Survey Team.  This team has representatives from 18 of the larger U.S. defense firms. The team's work focused on establishing an industry-wide benchmark on integrity and ethical conduct. The information learned from the surveys was used to develop new policies and ethics and integrity training.  Mr. Ruthford was also a member of the Ethics Resource Center Fellows Program where he served as vice-chair and as the chair of the Measurement Working Group.  The Fellows Program had representatives from corporations, non-profits, academia and the U.S. Government.


During 2010, Mr. Ruthford was the President of The Ethics & Performance Institute, a new company transforming a classroom based integrity and culture curriculum for use on the world wide web. From 1973 through 2009, he held a number of management and leadership positions in ethics, management and leadership development, sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and information technology at The Boeing Company.


Mr. Ruthford grew up in the Northwestern region of the USA and considers it to be home.  He has a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Washington and a M.S. in Management from Stanford University. While at the University of Washington, he occupied a fair amount of time as a member of the Husky Rowing Team. He was a member of the 1971 U.S. Pan American, 1972 U.S. Olympic and 1973 U.S. World Games rowing teams.